2018 Call for Proposals

2018 National Conference
Improvisation: The Musical Mind Embodied

January 6-7, 2018

California State University/Dominguez Hills
1000 E. Victoria Street, Carson, CA 90747

Deadline: All proposals must be submitted electronically by
midnight EDT, Friday September 15, 2017.

The Dalcroze Society of America invites proposals to present workshops for its 2018 National Conference, where we will celebrate our 40th anniversary as a nonprofit. This event will consist of a two-day atelier focused on the theme Improvisation: The Musical Mind Embodied.

Improvisation figures in Dalcroze Education in many ways, from the physical actions students improvise--typically in response to music--to the music the teacher improvises in order to shape students’ experience. Students are often called upon to improvise with voice and/or percussion, lending the class dynamic a creative character that invites students to try things out, take risks, and discover solutions that work best for them. Improvisation empowers Dalcroze students to personalize the education they’re receiving and make the music their own. In a word, it’s essential to Dalcroze Education.

To give conference attendees a high degree of choice as to which area to explore at any given time, the conference’s innovative “atelier” format will enable them to choose from among sessions offered in each of the five branches of Dalcroze Education, or one on a special application of Dalcroze Methods and/or Principles. We ask presenters to design their sessions so they can take place within the allotted 75-minute time frame while also allowing time for questions and discussion.

Those interested in leading sessions may submit up to three proposals; however, we encourage you to submit proposals in different areas and at different participant experience levels. While we give preference to presenters who have Dalcroze credentials (Dalcroze Certificate, License, or Diplôme Superiéur), we welcome and strongly encourage those at other levels of Dalcroze teacher training, as well as those outside the Dalcroze community, to submit proposals that would be enriching to all in attendance.

Be sure to submit all proposals electronically to Dr. William R. Bauer, President, Dalcroze Society of America, President@DalcrozeUSA.org (as well as to Bill.Bauer@csi.cuny.edu) by midnight EDT, Friday September 15, 2017.

We encourage presenters to propose workshops in any of the following areas for whatever level(s) of Dalcroze experience they are qualified to teach. We will give preference to proposals that address the atelier theme explicitly or implicitly.

  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics
  • Dalcroze Solfège
  • Dalcroze Improvisation
  • Dalcroze Pedagogy (including teaching demonstrations, videos, etc…)
  • Dalcroze Plastique Animée (Live or recorded)
  • Special Applications of Dalcroze Methods and/or Principles
    • Dance Education and Performance
    • Seniors
    • Special Needs Students
    • Private Lessons
    • The Suzuki Method
    • Single Line Instruments
    • Choral/Instrumental Rehearsal and Performance
    • Theater, Drama, Acting Courses
    • Collegiate Solfège/Theory Courses
    • Other

All proposals must contain the following information (we will not consider incomplete applications):

  1. Name, biographical information (150 word limit), and head shot (JPEG format)
  2. Description
    1. Title
    2. Abstract describing what participants can expect to get from taking the workshop (250 word limit); Plastique Animée performances should include estimated timing
    3. Category (from the list above)
    4. Dalcroze Music/Movement subject(s) addressed in the workshop
    5. Participant Level
      1. Introductory (Pre-Certificate)
      2. Pre-License (Post-Certificate)
      3. Pre-Diplôme (Post-License)
  1.   Equipment needs, including technical requirements (audio, audio-visual, etc.)

No later than midnight EDT, Friday September 15, 2017, kindly direct your proposal(s) to the attention of: Dr. William R. Bauer, President, DSA, at President@DalcrozeUSA.org (and Bill.Bauer@csi.cuny.edu). Kindly direct all inquiries to Bill as well.