Scholarship applications for Summer 2017 and Academic Year 2017/18 Study are due Sunday, April 30, 2017.

Each year, Memorial Scholarships to honor Fran Aronoff, Arthur Becknell, John Colman, Brunhilde Dorsch, Elsa Findlay, and Henrietta Rosenstrauch are awarded for winter or summer study at accredited Dalcroze training institutes to aid future Dalcroze teachers.  The purpose of the DSA Scholarship program is to provide financial aid to students attending institutions offering Dalcroze certification or those offering graduate credit for classes devoted to the Dalcroze approach. (Please note that the institution must offer examinations for those Dalcroze Education credentials recognized by the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva.)

What scholarship recipients are saying about their Dalcroze experience...

Scholarship application should include:

  1. Résumé
  2. A personal statement that describes your teaching experience, previous Dalcroze experience, and reasons for wanting to pursue Dalcroze training. It should begin by listing, the recognized Dalcroze training center at which you will enroll, the dates of the session you will attend, and the cost of tuition for that session.
  3. Three letters of reference: Two professional references (one should be from a Licensed Dalcroze teacher) and one general reference.
  4. A statement of financial need.  Please include a copy of your most recent tax return or other document that demonstrates financial need.

If the scholarship is granted, the funds will be sent directly to the institution upon receipt of a tuition bill.  Further instructions will be included with your acceptance letter.


Address for Submission

Materials may be sent electronically to Jessica Schaeffer at:


Application Deadline

Applications for Summer 2017 or Academic Year 2017/18 Study must be received by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 30, 2017.


DSA Scholarship Rules and Procedures

Scholarships are awarded commensurately for summer programs of one, two, and three weeks as well as one semester (fall or spring) within the academic year (June to May of the following year).  Semester courses are given the same weight as a summer program.  Scholarship recipients will receive a one-year membership to the DSA.

Anyone who plans to register to study Dalcroze at a qualifying institution may apply for a scholarship.  The Scholarship Committee will award scholarships based on merit and financial need.  In addition, the Scholarship Committee will consider the following factors: the applicant’s intention to work toward Dalcroze certification and teach the Dalcroze approach in the United States, the applicant’s country of residency, previous Dalcroze experience, and whether or not the applicant has previously been awarded a DSA scholarship.

DSA scholarships cover only a part of an applicant’s tuition.  In order to serve a number of applicants, no full scholarships are granted, and all good-faith efforts are made to distribute funds equitably to recognized programs and institutions.  The size of each scholarship is determined by the Scholarship Committee, the membership of which is determined by the Executive Board.  The total amount of DSA funds used for scholarships in a given year is determined each year by the DSA Executive Board.  All scholarship grants are sent directly to the institution the applicant plans to attend.  Scholarship recipients may not transfer their scholarships to other institutions.  Scholarships are awarded for use only within the upcoming DSA academic year; they may not be deferred.